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The Swiss Army Knife of Relationship Management

Length: 45–90 minutes

No matter our title or industry, all leaders have the same challenge: we want to achieve our goals, while building (not burning) our relationships.

The secret? Negotiate like a pro! Negotiation is the process through which two or more people “give and take” in a relationship, and is therefore an essential part of a leader’s toolkit. Yet, the concept of “negotiating” strikes fear in the hearts of many. Alison discusses what the best (and worst) negotiators do, and the top strategies that enable leaders to solve everyday challenges, both big and small, through negotiation.

Drawing on the science of psychology, Alison presents negotiation research from multiple domains, including real estate, professional athletics, law, and corporate boardrooms. She combines this science with stories from current events and politics, interjecting some humor from the fictional negotiators of the sitcoms. Alison delivers practical, actionable advice that can help anyone achieve their goals and build stronger relationships through negotiation.


Anyone who wants to achieve their goals and build relationships (i.e., everyone)


  • How to get what you want and build your relationships in the process
  • The most effective negotiation tactics and the science behind them
  • The science of making people love you (and why it’s more important than convincing them you’re right)