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“Such an important book!”
– Katty Kay, co-author of The Confidence Code

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“Alison…has changed the way I think about success and relationships.”
– Adam Grant, author of
Hidden Potential

Stack of two books entitled: Likeable Badass: How Women Get The Success They Deserve by Alison Fragale, PhD

“One of the most personally transformative behavioral science books I have ever read.”
– Dolly Chugh, author of The Person You Mean To Be

“Alison Fragale is not just a likeable badass. She’s a brilliant social scientist — her work has changed the way I think about success and relationships. I can’t wait for her book to give the rest of the world access to her expertise.”

— Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Think Again” and “Hidden Potential” and host of the chart-topping TED podcast WorkLife


“Likeable Badass: How Women Get The Success They Deserve” will be published by Penguin Random House in fall 2024.

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about the book

Throughout my years of research, speaking gigs, and mentoring, I’ve been bombarded with questions from women of all stripes — from rising stars to those in the C-suite. How do we get credit for both likeability and competence? How can we get the recognition we deserve, negotiate like a boss, and navigate the intricate dance of office politics without losing our sanity or the respect of our peers?

Well, my friends, the answers are here, and they’re served up in “Likeable Badass.” Based on my twenty years of work studying power, status, and perceptions, I know one thing is true: No fancy title, degree or achievement is going to get us the rewards we deserve if it doesn’t impact how others perceive us. So, I’m pulling back the curtain on decades of science to reveal what all successful women have in common — they have found their unique way to show up as a likeable badass. All we need to do is follow their lead.

Yes, I’m a professor, but this book is not a dry, academic read. It’s a delightful blend of behavioral science and life hacks — think of it as your secret weapon for conquering the workplace. I’ve woven together solid research, practical advice, and kick-ass stories from a diverse group of women who’ve paved their own paths to success.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, “Likeable Badass” is your go-to guide for evidence-based strategies, sprinkled with a dash of inspiration and humor. It’s not just a book; it’s your ticket to a fulfilling career and a seat at the table.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of “Likeable Badass,” and buy one for a friend while you’re at it. Join the tribe of women rewriting the rules, breaking barriers, and having a damn good time doing it. Let’s show the world what happens when women finally get credit for their greatness — it’s time to become the likeable badass you were always meant to be!

Cheers to success, my friends! XOXO

Alison Fragale


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Such an important book! By focusing on status and respect, Fragale changes women’s perception of power. Backed up by years of scientific research, she shows us how to play to our strengths to get the recognition and rewards we so deserve.

Katty Kay
BBC News correspondent and four-time New York Times
Bestselling co-author:
The Confidence Code and The Power Code

Before I had even finished reading LIKEABLE BADASS, I had already put my learnings to work three times. Talk about an ROI! Entertaining, actionable, and eye-opening. One of the most personally transformative behavioral science books I have ever read.

Dolly Chugh
Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and author: